Our look and learn classes will assist in imparting you with easy to apply principles in hair and business that will increase your confidence in catering to the demands placed on you by the consumer to be one of the best in the industry.

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1 hour 30mins

If you agree that blondes have more fun we look forward to seeing you in this deeply enlightening class on the art of blonding. Prepare to unleash your creativity like never before as we go over how to:

• Perform the proper consultation and analyzation for your client‘s desired look
• Remove any guess work when it comes to eliminating unwanted tones
• Achieve fashionable hi-lift blondes up to platinum while maintaining healthy hair

Color Placement
1 hour 30mins

Get inspired to paint in this colorful course featuring advanced color placement techniques. Let your imagination run wild with fun teachings on:

• Base breaking, color splashing, slicing & more
• Sectioning for more daring and bolder colors
• Custom blending for neater and more natural looking color application

Basic Color (Color Gone Bad)
1 hour 30mins

Get acquainted with the fundamentals of creative coloring in this eye opening course which will teach you how to:

• Guide clients through the corrective coloring process
• Meet the demands of clients seeking trendy custom looks
• Turn coloring mishaps to your advantage with formulas for correction

Gray Coverage
1 hour 30mins

Help your clients find the fountain of youth and introduce them to a whole new world of color with this in depth class on colorfully transforming gray hair. Prepare to broaden your understanding on:

• Completely bringing gray hair to life with the right pop of color
• Demi/Permanent color formulas for covering stubborn strands of gray hair
• Utilizing the proper toners to achieve your desired look

1 hour 30mins

Master a number of foiling techniques that will be sure to take your coloring expertise to the next level. Become a more versatile colorist by learning:

• Techniques for highlighting and lowlighting
• Proper foil placement for neater color application
• Foiling methods for advanced coloring techniques and more natural looking placement

Color Melting
1 hour 30mins

Let‘s get trendy in this ultra creative class for professionals wanting to meet and exceed their clients‘ hair color goals. You will learn ways to:

• Choose the best color combinations for flawless blending
• Utilize color melting to give you a natural looking blend for your highlights
• Push the envelope with fun and edgy looks perfect for the wild at heart

1 hour 30mins

The key to keeping a healthy head of hair is maintaining a healthy scalp. Learn ways to develop client trust and loyalty by:

• Getting familiar with different hair and scalp conditions that adversely effect hair growth
• Understanding the effects of certain food and drinks on the hair and scalp
• Learning ways to treat hair loss

Cutting (Beginners)
1 hour 30mins

The right cut can potentially change a client‘s life and change your business for the better. Gain key takeaways on:

• Understanding the laws and rules of cutting
• Customizing looks for particular facial structures
• Mastering the use of proper degrees and angles

Cutting (Advanced)
1 hour 30mins

A trendy and edgy cut is always in high demand. With the right education you can transform yourself into a shear genius. We will take you beyond the basics with expert cutting techniques that will teach you:

• Razor cutting, point cutting & slide cutting techniques for creating texture
• How to use multiple degrees to customize your cut
• How to compliment your color with the perfect cut

1 hour 30mins

Curl, twist and lock in the natural styling craze that continues to sweep through our industry. Prepare to broaden your understanding on:

• Meeting the demands of clients in search of beautiful yet chemical free hair care
• Knowing the best products for curls, twists & locks
• Retailing the right products to satisfy your clients‘ maintenance requirements

Clippermetrics (Beginners)
1 hour 30mins

Cut away your fears and doubts of clipper cutting with these easily applicable teachings on:

• Choosing the right tools and settings for blending and fading
• Keeping lines razor sharp on short cuts
• Using clippers to create texture

Custom Wigs
1 hour 30mins

Whether you‘re seeking to provide a high fashion red carpet look or a simple protective style this class is for you. Receive knowledge on:

• Achieving perfectly natural looking lace closures
• Creating custom units to accommodate a client‘s desired look
• Combining weft hair with custom lace wigs

You‘re Approved
1 hour 30mins

Very little brings more confidence and comfort than being in control of one’s financial destiny. A healthy credit score is the cornerstone of creating a secure future for your business as well as yourself. Strengthen your borrowing power by learning how to:

• Make credit work to your advantage in your business as well as personal dealings
• Obtain loans at favorable rates
• Raise your credit score and maintain your improved rating

Clippermetrics (Advanced)
1 hour 30mins

It’s time to get bold in this futuristic class tailor made for those that love to cut. Learn to be more proficient at clipper cutting with these helpful techniques:

• Substituting shears with clippers to achieve quicker yet still precise cuts
• Using clippers to create layers and texture
• Creating cuts that perfectly compliment your color

Knowing Your Influance (Product Knowledge & Retail)
1 hour 30mins

Quality salon exclusive products have always been and will always be a must have in salons and for at home maintenance. Master the game of retail by:

• Knowing what questions to ask in order to identify your clients maintenance needs and wants
• Maximizing on all the benefits and advantages of our professional and retail products
• Learning to build tickets that guarantee customer loyalty


Our Hands-On Series will provide you with practical knowledge that you can take back to your salon and put to use immediately, thus positioning you for exponential business growth and long term success.

Take Advantage of our Web Special Package before March 5, 2018

Hands-On Color Placement
8 Hours

Explore the vast world of creative color in this trendy class that is guaranteed to awaken the creative genius within.

• Base breaking for beautiful blending
• Color Splashing
• Sectioning techniques for creating illusions and dimension

Hands-On Cutting
8 Hours

Whether you lack confidence or are simply in search of new advanced cutting techniques this trendy hands on course is highly recommended for you. Fuel your creativity as you learn:

• The fundamental principles of creating a great cut
• Effective parting and sectioning for achieving a client’s desired cut
• To identify which shears to use to achieve a client’s custom look

Hands-On Foiling
8 Hours

Step into the modern day era of bold and beautiful color with confidence through taking this electrifying class for those of us that were just born to paint. Prepare to practice techniques for:

• Natural looking highlights and lowlights
• Proper foiling for achieving flawless color placement
• Creating dimensional color


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