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    Custom Wigs I (Beginners)
    1 hour 30mins

    To become an expert provider of wig and weave services one must master the fudamentals.

    This class contains key information on how to:

    • Customize wigs for your clients’ head shape and size
    • Bleach knots and customize the lace of the frontal
    • Properly secure unit with the necessary adhesive

    Custom Wigs II (Advanced)
    1 hour 30mins

    Learn the keys to creating custom looks that will have your clients feeling photoshoot ready

    Get ready to learn such topics as:

    • Achieving natural looking lace closures
    • Flawless blending
    • Tips from styling to requirements for maintenance

    1 hour 30mins

    Get ready to learn about all things locs as we share knowledge on:

    • What you need to know when starting locs
    • Detoxing locs and other tips for maintenance
    • Creative locs styling and coloring

    Gray Coverage
    1 hour 30mins

    In the class you will learn foolproof formulas for achieving guaranteed gray coverage, thus gaining confidence in your ability to:

    • Determine Demi/Permanent color formulas for covering stubborn strands of gray
    • Revive dull grays with vibrant color combinations

    Cutting (Beginners)
    1 hour 30mins

    A good, edgy cut begins with the right foundation

    This class provides the following keys to a successful cut:

    • Laying the groundwork with your specialized consultation and analyzation
    • Understanding and utilizing degrees and angles
    • Customizing cuts according to facial structures

    Cutting (Advanced)
    1 hour 30mins

    Learn the keys to performing modern trendy cuts certain to turn heads and drop jaws

    This class will teach you:

    • How to use your shears to create layers
    • Awesome razor cutting techniques
    • Keys for creating texture and movement

    Color Placement
    1 hour 30mins

    Get ready to paint in this fun and creative color placement class where we cover the following topics:

    • Color placement techniques for creating dimension
    • Parting for neat and precise color placement
    • Advanced placement techniques for added effect

    Color Melting
    1 hour 30mins

    Step into the exciting world of color melting and broaden your creative skills in the course which will teach you:

    • Techniques for flawless blending
    • How to choose bold color combinations that melt together beautifully
    • Color placement for seamless transition of shades

    Color Blocking and Root Shadowing
    1 hour 30mins

    Staying motivated can be a constant challenge, so this course is tailor-made to assist you in going to the next level with Color Blocking and Root Shadowing. This creative color course will elevate you day-to-day salon work to a new level with the following confidence builders:

    • How to apply color blocking technique to achieve bold, eye catching color that easily sets you apart as a skilled colorist
    • Using Root Shadowing techniques for seamless transition of colors
    • Achieving natural color blending with key laws of advanced color placement

    1 hour 30mins

    More and more salon goers are opting to embrace their natural kinks

    In this class we will share with you how to:

    • Identify the different hair types and textures and use that knowledge to create natural styles that rock
    • Keep natural hair healthy with the use of the right quality products
    • Keep up with trends and alternate clients between the newest and hottest natural styles

    1 hour 30mins

    Broaden your skills with clipper cutting techniques for creating cuts and styles

    This class will teach you:

    • The right tools and settings for blending and fading
    • How to create texture by notching
    • How to use angles and degrees to perfect your cut

    Entrepreneurship Done Right
    1 hour 30mins

    Avoid the pitfalls of business with the proper plan of attack that will put you on the path to long lasting success. Get into the nuts and bolts of running a thriving business with principles on the following:

    • Disciplining yourself through automation and budgeting
    • Branding your business to meet the demands and expectations of clients and potential clients
    • Building solid relationships with important business allies a.k.a “The Dream Team” (accountant, loan officer, business attorney, realtor and business mentor)
    • Setting retirement goals and following through with the execution of investments that align with your specific goals

    Knowing Your Inflúance (Product Knowledge)
    1 hour 30mins

    This class is all about maximizing on the benefits of utilizing a salon exclusive product line in your salon

    You will learn:

    • Ways to increase tickets through up selling important services such as treatments thus establishing customer loyalty in the process
    • The necessary questions to ask to determine your clients maintenance needs and wants
    • How to customize retail packages for certain services

    1 hour 30mins

    Blonding can pose quite the challenge when lacking a clear understanding of the principles of achieving beautiful, well toned blondes

    In this class we will share how to:

    • Lay the foundation for the service with your consultation and alayzation
    • Keep their healthy throughout the lifting process
    • Tone for evenness

    Color Gone bad (Color Correction)
    1 hour 30mins

    This class will give you confidence in your knowledge of color theory and guide you on solutions for corrective coloring questions

    In this class we will discuss:

    • Cancelling out unwanted colors
    • Foolproof formulas for color correction
    • How to tone using key principles of color theory

    1 hour 30mins

    This class gets to the root of different hair and scalp conditions and ways to maintain a healthy scalp

    We will go over:

    • How to identify the causes of the different scalp issues
    • The effect certain foods and drinks have on the hair and scalp
    • Ways to treat and prevent hair loss

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