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    Custom Wigs I (Beginners)

    Master the fundamentals of custom wigs and weaving in this information filled class. Highlights for this class include:

    • Customize wigs for your clients’ head shape and size
    • Bleach knots and customize the lace of the frontal
    • Properly secure unit with the necessary adhesive

    Custom Wigs II (Advanced)

    **Exclusive VIP Class!

    Learn the keys to creating glamorous transformations using the advanced skills taught in this phenomenal class on wigs and
    weaving. In this class you will learn:

    • Making units (wigs) on sewing machine
    • How to create natural looking hair lines with or without baby hair
    • How to install units with or without adhesive


    This class offers a comprehensive guide of everything there is to know to confidently build your brand as an expert loctician. Topics covered will include:

    • Everything you need to know when starting locs
    • Services and products necessary for proper loc maintenance
    • Creative loc styling and coloring

    Cutting I (Beginners)

    Mastering the basic fundamentals of hair cutting opens new doors of creativity by providing you with the confidence to create edgy, signature looks for clients. Highlights for this class include:

    • Conducting a thorough consultation & analyzation so you and your client are on the same page concerning their cut
    • Precison techniques using proper degrees & angles
    • How to diversify your skillset to accommodate the wide ranging demands of your clients

    Cutting II (Advanced)

    The key to achieving the modern trends of the day is mastering the important details. Sharpen your cutting skills with this class that will teach you:

    • Practical techniques for creating layers
    • How to add texture by point cutting
    • Slide cutting and other techniques for creating softness

    Color Placement

    The aim of this class is to take you out of your comfort zone and inspire you to tap into your boundless creativity with the help of a few advanced coloring techniques. This presentation will cover the following:

    • Simple techniques for beautifully blended color melts
    • Root shadowing techniques and bold color combinations
    • Different shape partings for creating dimension


    Discover techniques for precision clipper cutting and shaping in this exciting and informative class which will teach:

    • Which clippers and settings to use to achieve your desired look
    • How to use your guards for fading
    • Advanced techniques for making sharper lines and adding creative designs

    Trendy Styling

    Short hair is limitless in the versatility that it offers. Learn how to master the on trend styles that are setting social media on fire. This class will teach you:

    • Techniques for waving/face framing
    • How to do pin curls and make them last
    • The best products and techniques for beautiful curls and flips

    Male Weaves (Man Units)

    **Exclusive VIP Class!

    As demand for this revolutionary service continues to increase now is the perfect time to learn how to tap into its growing influence. This class covers every step of a successful installation including:

    • The recommended tools and supplies
    • Select the right candidate for the unit commitment
    • Blending the unit to the natural hair and recommendations on styling
    • Maintenance tips


    The natural hair movement continues to hold steady and meeting demands for such services requires specialized knowledge of natural hair. In this class we will share with you:

    • Advanced curling (roller/rod setting) techniques for natural hair
    • Custom cocktails that help give curls definition and textured looks
    • Regimen and product recommendations to keep clients coming back on a consistent basis
    • Creative natural styling and advanced coloring tips for natural hair

    Knowing Your Inflúance

    Learn how to cash in on the benefits of using a salon exclusive product line. This class will teach you how to:

    • Brand your business as a trained practitioner and retail provider of Inflúance Hair Care products
    • Increase tickets by up selling important treatments and establishing client loyalty in the process
    • Market retail to meet specific needs of each client


    Get to the root of different hair and scalp conditions and learn how to combat certain issues in this detailed class which will cover:

    • How to identify the causes of different hair and scalp issues
    • The effect certain foods and drinks have on the hair and scalp
    • Ways to treat and prevent hair loss

    Entrepreneurship Done Right

    **Exclusive VIP Class!

    Avoid the pitfalls of business with a detailed plan for long lasting success. The following principles will help guide you on your path to financial freedom:

    • Disciplining yourself through automation and budgeting
    • Setting goals for retirement and following through with investments that align with your specific goals
    • Branding your business by consistently providing top quality customer service and products
    • Surrounding yourself with the right team of individuals that will help you to maximize on your resources

    Natural Bridal Styling

    Providing natural bridal hairstyling services is one definite way to stand apart in our industry. In this class we will share with you:

    • How to attract natural bridal clients and increase revenue with the addition of natural bridal styling to your list of services offered
    • How to retain bridal clients for repeat business after the bridal styling service
    • Products to use to give your bride an amazing look and experience
    • Heat and heat free styling techniques for gorgeous bridal hair styling


    Confront the common challenges of blonding in this class which offers a comprehensive breakdown of all you need to know when it comes to achieving beautiful blonds. Prepare to learn:

    • How to distinguish different variations of blondes
    • Healthy techniques for approaching blond on chemically treated hair
    • Toning for evenness

    Color Gone Bad

    This class will give you the confidence to use the principles of color theory to perform unbelievable color transformations and find solutions for corrective coloring questions. Topics discussed will include:

    • Using the laws of color to cancel out unwanted tones
    • Correcting bad color jobs using surefire color formula equations
    • Using key color principles for perfect toning
    • Determine Demi/Permanent color formulas for covering stubborn strands of gray


    Of all the ways to generate revenue as a cosmetologist/barber retail represents one of the easiest sources of cash flow. In this class we will teach how to:

    • Determine clients’ maintenance needs and wants
    • Put together special retail packages to meet the various needs of clients
    • Educate clients on properly using retail products

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